1. Predators useful in fighting mosquitoes
3. ___ can be used as an attractant in gathering mosquitoes
5. Use of a biological control ___ may be the best way to control dengue.
9. In China, authorities have had some success using ___ to control mosquitoes in drinking water.
10. A. albopictus is to be found in the dengue-free ___ of Taiwan.
11. Same as #5
14. Abbreviation for a proven, environmentally safe mosquito larvicide.
15. A hormone-like material that affects insect development.
19. A vector, such as a mosquito, seeks a ___ on which to feed.
21. Certain ___ can slow mosquito growth by filling their guts with indigestable material.
23. An agent must act directly on ___ patterns, among other things.
24. A. bahamensis rarely feeds on vertebrate hosts before laying their first ___.
26. Dengue is endemic in the ___ of Taiwan.
28. Commercial name of a hormonomimetic insecticide.
30. Diverse ___ and animal life may help protect people against dengue infection.
32. BTI is detroyed by ___.
34. Old ___ and trash are places where mosquitoes reproduce.
35. Dengue has infected a few people in ___ in the US.
36. Things, such as mosquitoes, that carry a disease.


2. A vector can ___ a disease to a host.
3. Oospores survive for many years in ___.
4. An infection that is carried by mosquitoes and can cause severe disease in people.
6. Certain algea fill the ___ of larval mosquitoes with indigestable material.
7. Dengue often occurs in the ___.
8. In its more severe forms, dengue can lead to ___.
12. Chemical insecticides often destroy mosquitoes' ___ along with the mosquitoes.
13. ___ Control Agents can be used to prevent the transmission of dengue.
16. An attractant
17. Plant used in traditional dengue control.
18. Examples of Zooprophylactic agents found effective in Hawaii.
20. A symptom of dengue.
22. Another symptom of dengue.
23. Repeated dengue infection, and resultant internal bleeding, can be ___.
25. ___ hold some potential for use against mosquito-borne, but there remain many problems.
27. Mosquitoes inhabit drinking ___ containers, among other places.
29. An untended ___ may provide a mosquito with a safe habitat.
31. Examples of predatory arthropods.
33. The family ___ may be a unknowing host, difficult to control without use of biological agents.