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Youth Environmental News Desk Created to Honor UNEP Global 500 Award Winners

United Nations Environment ProgrammeNEW YORK, New York, May 30, 2001 -- To celebrate the work of young winners of the United Nations Environment Programme Global 500 Award, Horizon Communications and the Environment News Service have joined forces to create a Youth Environmental News Desk.

News reports on successful environmental endeavors written by people up to the age of 19 will be published and distributed worldwide by the Environment News Service (ENS), the original international daily newswire of the environment, online at: http://ens-news.com and featured on the Horizon Solutions Site at: http://www.solutions-site.org.

The HORIZON Solutions Site presents readily accessible peer-reviewed answers to problems in environment, health, population and development. Articles will also be highlighted on the Kids feature of the Solutions Site.

The Youth Environmental News Desk will officially open on World Environment Day, June 5, 2001, with a monthly contest to choose articles for publication.

Entries are invited from all countries of the world. Articles will cover workable solutions to current environmental problems from an unbiased perspective. Topics will range from energy efficiency measures to corporate pollution reduction, from biodiversity preservation to agricultural practices.

In recognition of their work towards protection of the environment, current and previous Global 500 Youth Laureates are especially invited to contribute reports.

The contest will be widely publicized internationally by ENS, by Horizon, and by the United Nations Environment Programme.

News reports published through the Youth Environmental News Desk will be translated and distributed in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Mandarin, Swahili, French, Nepali, Punjabi, and Hindi, with distribution in other languages in the future.

Young reporters can send an article together with a brief personal resume to the ENS editorial desk at news@ens-news.com. Only email submissions will be accepted. Please put the words Youth Desk in the subject line of the email message.

All submissions will be reviewed by a seven member international panel chosen jointly by Horizon and ENS. At least one article each month will be selected for publication. The writers of all published reports will receive a byline and be paid a fee for their work.

Read the Guidelines for Submissions

Click here

Submissions for publication are due by the first of each month. One or more articles will be chosen for publication on the 15th of the month. Articles for the first round of publication are due by July 1, 2001. More contest details are available on the HORIZON Solutions Site and on the Environment News Service website.

Since the inception of the Global 500 Award in 1987, 719 individuals and organizations, in both the adult and youth categories, have been honored. UNEP looks to the world community to identify and nominate environmental advocates. Nomination forms can be obtained from UNEP Headquarters, Global 500 Roll of Honor, Communications and Public Information Branch, P. O. Box 30552, Nairobi, Kenya, or online at: http://www.global500.org

UNEP is a collaborator on the Horizon Solutions Site along with several other United Nations entities such as the UN Development Programme, the UN Population Fund, and the UN Children's Fund, as well as the International Development Research Centre of Canada, Yale University and Horizon's colleagues at Harvard University.

The Environment News Service is independently owned and operated, and is not affiliated with any business, industry, government or environmental group. Based in the United States, ENS publishes news reports from correspondents across the United States and around the world.


Sunny Lewis
Editor in Chief, Environment News Service
news@ens-news.com or call (1) 702-889-0247.
Visit the ENS website at: http://ens-news.com


Janine Selendy
Chairman and President, Horizon Communications
Jselendy@aol.com or call (1) 203-432-6266 or (1) 914-276-3155.
Horizon is also known as Horizon International.
Visit the Horizon Solutions Site at: http://www.solutions-site.org



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