1. Pal uses film and ___ to teach school groups about otters
3. Country where otter hunting is allowed only during a certain season
6. Season in 3 across
7. Otter sit at the top of the food ___
9. The Foundation for Otters protects otters and wetlands in Hungary and throughout ____
11. environmental protection is often incorrectly taught as something that will ____ economic progress
14. One who contributes his or her time to a project or cause
16. Pal ____ started the Foundation for Otters
18. Before the first survey, Pal organized a conference with ___ inhabitants, among others
20. A main cause of damage to otter habitats
23. Carpathian ___
24. 2nd World ___
25. Otters can be found on the western coast of this southwest european country
28. A type of change
30. Industrialization in Hungary led to the pollution of ___
31. Gera's network includes university ___
33. Type of information storage area
34. The Foundation created an Otter ___ in Somogy


2. Working together with ___ of wetland areas is vital to otter preservation
4. The Foundation relies on a national ___ of volunteers
5. otters often disappear when their aquatic habitats ___
7. The 1997 Environmental Law was not enforced due to a ___ of governments
8. poaching is ___
10. ___ Gera
12. Inspection, review, count
13. Pal is in contact with 315 landowners to ___ them about new rules for compensation
15. A freshwater carnivorous mammal having webbed and clawed feet and dark brown fur
17. Environmental protection is sometimes blamed for slowing economic ___
19. New ___ equipment and methods have led to the disappearance of otters.
21. A taxonomic group whose members can interbreed
22. One of the media Pal uses to get his message across
23. The Foundation for Otters has published many brochures and ___
26. Pal is in contact with all nine Hungarian ___ Preserves
27. ___ and public events are important tools for enlightening public citizens
29. The Environmental ___ was changed in 1997
32. Otters inhabit the ___ of the food chain.

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