1. Dr. Zhao has worked to create an ___ diet for beneficial insects.
6. World Health Organization : abbreviation.
7. Insects that eat or otherwise destroy crops.
8. A variety of ___ should be used to ensure successful crops.
11. Much crop damage is caused by ___.
14. Some farmers put themselves and their children in danger by using pesticide containers to store ___.
16. ___ generations of pest often develop a resistance to pesticides.
18. Farmers often don't have proper protective clothing or ___ facilities for pesticides.


1. Parathion has poisoned many people, often when it drifts through the ___.
2. Cotton growers in ___ found that pesticides were becoming too expensive and too ineffective.
3. Farmers' ___ are often plagued by pests.
4. Ancient Chinese farmers used ___ to help them with their stinkbug problems.
5. Farm workers handling certain pesticides __ being poisoned.
6. Boll ___.
9. More than ___ farm workers have been killed by parathion.
10. Chinese farmers started using natual predators ___ thousand years ago.
12. California's ___ Joaquin valley.
13. The cottony cushion scale can be controlled by the hungry ___-spotted ladybug.
15. An insecticide used on mosquitoes.
17. Another ingredient of Zhao's artificial diet for spiders.

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