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New initiative in Peru: SOLUTIONS KIDS GROUP

A new initiative inspired on the HORIZON’s Solutions Program for Kids of All Ages, was organized in Peru. The first SOLUTIONS KIDS GROUP in Peru is called “JOVENES HACIA LA EXCELENCIA” (“Youth towards Excellence”). It was motivated by the HORIZON’s mission and the necessity to do something by their own community NOW!

The group is made up of 12 young people from 13 to 22 years old who decided to organize by themselves as a group. The group’s goals are to volunteer and develop further skills through action. They think the best way to learn something is by doing it!

This new initiative has grown out of HORIZON’s Peruvian Network of Volunteers, (the so called the Solutions Network, with offices in Lima and Trujillo, launched one year ago) and the core HORIZON base-Peru (launched three years ago).

Preparing for Action: Group strengthening
Since electronic communication on the internet, with other kids, and HORIZON’s volunteers throughout the world basically is in English, the group has started learning this language applying a non-formal learning education strategy in order to exchange experiences and learning at the international level.

They are also learning how to use computer, internet and e-mail. Moreover, they are learning Quechua, the Incas’ language, which is spoken by about 10 million people in Peru. This will allow them to communicate with kids from the Peruvian Andes, and they also think that learning their mother tongue is a matter of identity and will keep their culture alive.

Since the group members live in different parts of Peru (Lima, Huanuco and Ancash), they have set up a group email: JOVENES_HACIA_LA_EXCELENCIA@yahoogroups.com in order to be in touch each other easily. Finally, they are planning to develop a group website in the short-term linked with the HORIZON Solutions Site for Kids and other kid resources. The group will post a bi-monthly report on the HORIZON’s Solutions Site for Kids of All Ages to show what they are doing. They are also planning to organize workshops for other kids in schools located in urban and rural communities around Peru.

Any communication, contact to the Group Coordination Team: Lenin Castro (Email: lening@peru.com), Miguel Castro (email: miguelc27@hotmail.com) and Rogelio Castro (rogelio_gc@hotmail.com).




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