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How does the Solutions Site for Kids Work?

We've organized all of the case studies in the site around four major categories:

Population, health, development and environment.

Environment: Everything that makes for a healthy or unhealthy existence for the life of individuals, communities, plants and animals. Development, population and health are all interconnected and influence or are influenced by the environment.

Solutions include ways to improve the environment by protecting animals and plants, meeting the need for food, protecting forests, lakes and rivers, cleaning up polluted air and water, and otherwise helping make our world better for all of life.

Development: The way we affect the earth and our environment.

Solutions include ways to develop which avoid or reduce problems people have created, such as pollution and loss of habitat, and ways to help people improve economic conditions and their surroundings without unnecessary loss of plants and animals and other natural resources and without pollution. Solutions let us use technology to help people and build better cities and communities.

Population: The people inhabiting a specific area of the world.

Solutions include ways to reduce problems caused by unhealthy relationships, by having children before one is ready to have them, by the crowding of too many people into an area without enough clean water, food, or ways to handle sanitary needs.

Health: The ways our bodies work and act that make us sick or well. Health is affected by what we eat and drink, the air we breathe and the way we live. The way we have treated our environment has caused many diseases, hunger, and loss of well-being.

Solutions help us get food, clean air and water and keep our families and friends all over the earth free from being weak or sick, hungry or cold.

The main Solutions Site is organized around even more categories, but all of these fall under the general headings listed above. To get an even more detailed idea of the topics covered here, click here to read the descriptions.



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