Downtown redevelopment: The Denver Dry Building

Central Business District’s (CBC) revitalization using mix-use, mixed-income redevelopment of historical buildings.

Ecosystems of Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the richest countries in the world, with high biodiversity in birds, neo-tropical mammals, a variety of ecosystems and rich cultural communities. However, Bolivia is also a developing country that faces enormous problems in its efforts to solve economical problems and poverty, many times resulting in irreparable damage to the ecology and natural resources.

Global Climate Change-Kyoto Protocol Implementation

An appropriate legal framework is essential to accomplishment of clean energy solutions. This paper discusses legislative and regulatory measures that have contributed to successes in achieving clean energy improvements and concomitant reductions in releases of carbon dioxide contributing to global warming.

The Songtaaba Women’s Group

In the Sahelian countries, the semi-arid regions of Sub-Saharan Africa, severe deforestation and desertification are taking a great toll in loss of natural resources, livelihoods and health, and there are few socially acceptable activities where women can earn their own money.

Development of Alternatives to Animal Use for Safety Testing and Hazard Assessment

Development of testing methodologies which are both more predictive of human response to a broad range of chemicals and finished products and less costly in animal lives and suffering.

Efficient transportation for successful urban planning in Curitiba, Brazil

With the creation and guidance of planning agencies like The Research and Urban Planning Institute of Curitiba (IPPUC), a mass transportation system developed that today covers eight neighboring cities, and transports 1.9 million passengers daily with an 89% approval rate.

The Delbuoy, a low-cost, low maintenance, wave-powered desalination unit

When Michael Pleass began to try to find an inexpensive and simple method for desalinating water, his attention was drawn to a third kind of renewable energy, one that had received less focus than solar and wind.

Tamarix, a natural resource on which the communities depend for fuelwood, tools, and basket making.

Tamarix is a natural resource on which the communities depend for fuelwood, tools, and basket making. In an effort to re-establish groundwater recharge, rejuvenate soil conditions, reduce waterlogging effects and salinization, and restore Tamarix populations, four counties have joined forces to implement the Tamarix project, including Cele, Yutian, Mingfeng, and Jiashi, an integrated approach to agricultural production and forest rehabilitation in dryland regions.

World Vision International (WVI) restoration and protection project in the Louga region

Efforts to address both economic and ecological conditions of the people living in drought stricken regions of Senegal.

Control of vitamin A deficiency

Initially launched as a multi-faceted vision research project in the mid-1970s, data that became available indicated the value of developing an intervention program that would not only prevent blindness, but reduce childhood (and we now know maternal) morbidity and mortality in developing countries.

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